our process


We make every choice with our children in mind. 
Our play clothes are simple, comfortable, and made to withstand the test of time (and childhood), adding to their sustainability and practicality. Our silhouettes and fabric choices are thoughtfully designed to be timeless and mostly gender neutral, making them easy to love and pass between siblings and future generations.

Slow, ethical, and sustainable. Always.
With profound respect for our Earth and its inhabitants, and the dream of creating a minimalist line of organic, high-comfort play clothes, we’re proud to lead the way in slow, ethical fashion and follow the highest standards of responsible production when it comes to our clothing line.

We take every measure and work diligently to integrate sustainable practices into all of our processes.

Our clothing line is handmade in small batches in a facility in Portugal where joy, dancing, and earth-friendly processes are all prioritized. Our pieces are cut and sewn in a building that:
• Runs entirely on renewable energy
• Is Green Energy Certified
• Functions daily with energy produced by its 70 solar panels
• Uses recycled well water

We also adhere to high ethical employment standards and ensure that our production environment is safe, fair, comfortable, and empowering for all employees.

Natural & Organic Fabric

Our garments are made using natural fibers and thoughtfully-selected OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics and dyes.

With so many toxins, harsh chemicals, and even synthetic fabric compositions hiding out in baby and children’s apparel, we’ve intentionally chosen a different path and are devoted to helping keep your child’s wardrobe free from anything you wouldn’t want touching their delicate skin.

From 100% organic cotton to muslin, waffle, and linen blends, our fabrics and natural dyes are consciously chosen so you can be sure you’re dressing your family in attire that is both non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Conscious Packaging
To keep our garments in pristine condition and reduce damage (which increases the financial and environmental cost), we store them in poly bags made from recycled plastic instead of plastic produced from petroleum derivatives. Once a garment has been lovingly claimed by a customer, we remove the piece from the poly bag and prepare to ship it to your home free of plastic. Afterwards, we take great care to repurpose and recycle those same bags, so that nothing goes to waste.

Keeping in the spirit of everything we create, our packaging is as minimal and clean as possible, and we are always in search of greener and better options.